Stratton Press understands the time and effort spent in putting things together to write a manuscript.

With you in mind, we designed a program that is more personalized, more relevant, and tailored to your book genre.

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With our large team of designers, illustrators, and editors, an author can be confident that we have the expertise to enhance their book’s full potential—whether it is a collection of poetry, an adventurous young adult novel, religious literature, a colorful children’s story, or a scholarly thesis.

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Before the production process starts, we check with you for your design and editing preferences to ensure that we’re on the same page during the whole process.

The first stop of your book will be cover design. An experienced cover designer will create a customized and advanced cover design through photo manipulation, creative typography, and even customized illustrations.

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Once your cover is done, the editing phase starts. Our editors will do an extensive review of your book through three processes: developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. All three editing services are included in your publishing package—no additional charges! This ensures that your manuscript is reviewed not only in the technical aspects, but also all its contents from the plot, character development, writing style, pacing, and craft and storytelling.

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After editing, the interior layout will be done to make your book ready for print and for live distribution.

And the best part of all these is that you get unlimited corrections and revisions! Because when we said we wanted quality over quantity, we mean it. We will take the time it needs to ensure that you get the best product out of your investment.

This is what separates Stratton Press from all others in the industry.