We know your work is very special to you and we will treat it as such.


Here at Stratton Press, we look at corporate social responsibility not as an initiative but an integral part of our business process. As a company that deals with actual people with often amazing stories to tell, it is not only natural but imperative as well that all of us never forget what it’s like to connect with people, to listen, to help out without asking for anything in return.

We can never claim to be an author-first company if we ourselves have forgotten what it means to be a responsible and social human being.

Laugh, love, live. There’s more to life than making money.


Our first outreach program was for an elementary school in the remote area in Bohol, Philippines. Though there were some technical difficulties at first, the team braved on knowing what’s at stake. After handing out lunch to the kids, we had the chance to interact and talk to them, often jostled by our own memories of when we were kids and getting a sense of fulfillment that we have this chance to give back. Later, the team distributed bags and school supplies that were sorely needed in such a remotely-located school. Needless to say, both the Stratton team and the kids found a happiness that day.