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Stratton Press understands the time and effort spent in putting things together to write a manuscript. With you in mind, we designed a program that is more personalized, more relevant, and tailored to your book genre. With our large team of designers, illustrators, and editors, an author can be confident that we have the expertise to enhance their book’s full potential—whether it is a collection of poetry, an adventurous young adult novel, religious literature, a colorful children’s story, or a scholarly thesis.

A closer look at the imprints of Stratton Press.

Our supported self-publishing imprints span five continents and nine countries. They also include relationships with industry leaders such as Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins Christian, as well as distributors and retailers such as Ingram and Indigo Chapters, just to name a few.

  • Developmental Editing

    Developmental editing is a level of editing that calls for collaboration between the editor and the author. The developmental editor goes over the manuscript of an author and does an in-depth review of the content—from the plot, character development, setting, pace, and etc. Our developmental editing service also includes copyediting the manuscript to ensure the technical aspects of the book will be addressed. Copyediting changes are based on the Chicago Manual of Style.

  • Copyediting

    Copyediting includes correcting spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and basic grammar and syntax, as well as improving word usage based on the Chicago Manual of Style. Wordy passages are flagged or tightened, and any awkward, vague, or confusing sentences are identified or recast.

  • Indexing

    An index list is created using key words provided by the author. An index enables your readers to find information quickly and easily.

  • Advanced Cover Design

    Designers create designs based on the author’s preferences. Designers use a variety of design styles and elements using photo manipulation, typography, and even custom illustrations. This service includes the back cover design. Cover design can be made for both paperback and hardcover dust jacket.

  • Interior Layout

    Interior designers take care of the layout of the finished manuscript. The designer organizes your text, images, tables, and graphs to make it print-ready.

  • Customized Illustration

    Illustrators bring your book to life through custom illustrations. The illustrator creates the book characters based on the author’s descriptions or specifications and creates a storyboard for the story.

  • E-book

    Our e-book service creates both Kindle and ePub versions of a book that will make it readable in all devices.