The Ties That Bond – Reflections of a Defining Relationship

By: Yvonne Lee

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The Ties That Bond, is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and experiences of the girl inside all daughters. It reveals honesty, reflections and challenges of the profound mother daughter relationship. This tribute recalls a retrospective account of mother’s contribution; she who rocks the cradle rules the world. It’s a daunting job, a complex role, having no instruction manual, but she loves and nurtures unconditionally. Years ago, the norm was for mothering to be modeled in the home. Mothers were fully supported within her circle of care. Motherhood was honored for its selflessness, commitment and wisdom. We have obedience training for pets but have yet to formally prepare young women for this role. We need a fresh look at this relationship, from the outside in; understanding that mothers come to us as they are, giving all they know and what they learned.

Yvonne Lee is a Caribbean native who, in 1985 migrated to New York, later she settled in south western Connecticut. An avid reader, she fell in love with the art of expressive writing and credits her Alma Mater, Westwood and Wolmer’s Girls’ High Schools in Jamaica, for her early foundation and love affair with writing. Yvonne studied Child Development in Jamaica and received a graduate degree from Springfield College, Massachusetts, where she majored in Community Psychology. A concentration in Women’s Studies led her to issues in Domestic and Sexual Abuse of women and children. Working with families traumatized by violence led her to focus on the complex relationship between mother and daughters. Passionate about women’s issues, Yvonne, volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and writes poetry. She previously published, Timeless Anecdotal Wisdom, a collection of motivational and cultural inspirations gleaned from childhood experiences of adult women.

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