The Rabbit on the Roof

By: Norman Ivory

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Lucretius, the Roman philosopher and poet, expounded in his writings on the idea that the by-product of religion is fear of all that is mysterious in life and philosophy. In The Rabbit on the Roof, author Norman Ivory shows that nearly all of what is considered to be mystical or inexplicable in the areas of the mind and psychic phenomena are, in fact, ordinary, understandable, transparent, and accessible.

Sharing many of his own psychic and mediumistic experiences, Ivory clarifies the mysterious in spiritual, religious, and human conditions. Through those life experiences—from being a psychic child with changing ideas and as an adult who had psychic and philosophical growth—Ivory explains Humanity’s Spiritual make-up and journey from lifetime to lifetime. In The Rabbit on the Roof, he:

• removes the mysteries of the multi-level mind and multiple bodies of mankind;

• discusses many of the mental and physical disharmonies and illnesses that occur;

• examines how mankind came into the physical world and how we grow and progress;

• addresses where mankind may expect to venture in the future; and

• shows the inevitable spiritual growth that is available.

In The Rabbit on the Roof, Ivory details how the true reality of our lives takes place in the spiritual realm and understanding this is the only true purpose of our lives, our higher learning, and our spiritual destiny.

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