Terrifying Tales Unleashed

By: Scott D Gottschalk

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Terrifying Tales Unleashed is a menagerie of short stories covering many popular genres including horror, science fiction, and suspense/thriller. Cover the gamut in this gripping narrative by way of buried alive, rats, bats, vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens, ghosts, demons, and cannibals. The unleashing of each twisted account will bombard one’s thoughts with impending shock waves. Will you be able to hold on to your own reality? Can you make yourself believe that what you are about to read is nothing more than a few tall-tales? Are you prepared to partake in a remedy for peaceful slumber and succumb to fitful nights of insomnia? The stories within this book are nothing more than pure fiction and certainly could not have really happened OR COULD THEY.

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Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Cover

About the Author

Scott D. Gottschalk was raised on a livestock and cropping farm in southeastern Minnesota near the small village of Byron. While obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree with a double major in Animal Science and Agriculture Education, he began writing his first nonfiction book. The Folk and Their Fauna, the story of one man’s love affair with animals, has been a people favorite with the ever-escalating popularity of animals in America. Following a horrendous motorcycle collision that placed him in the throes of death, he wrote a second nonfiction book. Few people have experienced even one close encounter with death, yet Scott has somehow cheated death a phenomenal twenty-seven times. He attributes much of his survival towards divine intervention. Throughout his existence, people have continually remarked that he has the uncanny “nine lives of a cat”, but in truth Scott has actually survived an amazing nine lives three times over! Nine Lives to Eternity, a true story of repeatedly cheating death; an inspirational and faith-driven human triumph, has truly made an impact on readers around the world. This life-affirming book outlines each of the author’s twenty-seven brushes with death. Scott believes in guardian angels, because he’s personally been touched by angels.

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