Swimming in the Mudd

By: Samuel Moton

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Dedication to the All Lives Matter movement, Swimming in Mudd is a grand story that starts with the unlawful apprehension of Anthony Glassco by the Ango Saxston Confederacy who believes that all black people are created to sever them by all means.

In spite of these modern times, the Ango Saxston Confederacy has been able to keep this practice of theirs and filter many black men and women through the penal system. This confederacy also believes that black people are not citizens of the true republic for which the United States of America stands for and that their picking blacks from Washington D.C. are lawful because D.C. has no statehood.

Anthony Glassco would be accompanied by some very intriguing people as he swam in this river of Mudd and also he learned some of the life lessons that would be vital to his human growth.

Through this unlawful incarceration, he and many were radicalize and were planning to topple this Confederacy, but were beaten to the punch by an unknown source.

Anthony Glassco wrote about his experience and now would love to share these grand episodes with the world. The white and black supremacy in this story will soon come to know that all lives matter . . .

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