The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents

By: Randy Colton Rolfe

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Every parent has the innate power to be successful. But life can get in the way. Today it is harder than ever to be at your best with all the distractions and responsibilities of modern life. In The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents, author Randy Colton Rolfe offers quick and easy tips as well as profound advice to help you be at your best as a parent.

Filled with personal anecdotes and real-life stories gained from research and case studies, The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents reminds you of the core attitudes and beliefs that empower you to be a successful parent in any parenting situation. Rolfe shares a holistic approach to parenting which enables you to master these goals and more:
– Setting appropriate limits that stick
– Promoting safe relationships
– Inspiring learning
– Nurturing your child’s spirit
– Rebuilding after negative feelings
– Fostering good judgment
– Venting parental frustration harmlessly
– Resisting unhelpful criticism from outsiders
– Encouraging your child to speak up with respect
– Enjoying your child totally, without reservation

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About the Author

Randy Colton Rolfe, “World Ambassador for Family,” is a speaker, educator, and author on family life and health. After traveling in 29 countries before age 20, she resolved to discover the ways to create a happier, healthier, more peaceful world. Her career has included serving as a family therapist, lawyer, nutritionist, theologian, wellness educator, and entrepreneur. An honors graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in International Relations, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, the Villanova University Masters Program in Theology, and the University of Pennsylvania Dental School Program in Applied Clinical Nutrition, she has applied her diverse experience to her work at the Institute for Creative Solutions which she founded. Her experiences with her own family and helping other parents led to her first book, You Can Postpone Anything But Love, which was followed by Adult Children Raising Children, The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents, The Four Temperaments, The True Secret to Weight Loss Is Energy, and Mothers Losing Mothers. For her volunteer work, she was awarded the Legion of Honor of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains.

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