Rob The Vatican

By: Robert Gallant

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Everyone believes that robbing the Vatican is impossible. The world’s greatest collection of treasures, jewelry, and art sit inside the seemingly impregnable walls of the Vatican. A vast cadre of devoted priests, Swiss Guards, and Vatican Gendarmes protect the sanctity of the one-hundred-acre heartbeat of the Roman Catholic Church.
But events, ingenious planning, and a man on a mission may make the impossible possible. A powerful cardinal is obsessed with becoming the next pope. A young priest and a beautiful Italian gymnast learn about a deadly conspiracy.
American jewel thief Craig Reynolds methodically positions the players and maneuvers events as he plans the greatest robbery in history. He will do it to achieve enormous wealth and for the prestige of becoming the master thief of all time. But will he sacrifice the woman he initially deceived but now loves?

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Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Cover

About the Author

Robert Gallant

Robert Gallant lives in Midland, Michigan. His wife passed away 4 years ago after a long, wonderful marriage. He has 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He had a 40-year career in technology and manufacturing. He was a prolific writer; publishing four books on technology, one on management, and over 50 articles in journals. His job included Director of North American Operations (Canada, United States, Mexico; with 15,000 employees in 35 locations) and was a member of the Board of Directors for a specialty energy company. He is a past recipient of numerous awards, including the Toastmaster International Award for leadership and communication and the Martin Luther King recognition Award for furthering opportunity for minorities and women in business and industry. He worked with the governor of Texas to create a task force of state government leaders, environmental leaders, and business leaders. Working together rather than as adversaries, this unique task force significantly improved environmental performance and economic growth for the state of Texas. After retiring, he focused on encouraging and enabling people in the community to routinely join together to exercise and have healthy lifestyles. He also tackled his life long dream of writing fiction novels. He has 5 novels published.

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