Rising From The Dark Side Of Life

By: Joseph Plourde

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Rising from the Dark Side of Life has been put together and written for the purpose of reaching out and helping anyone who is willing to pay close attention, learn, and profit from it.

This text will help you understand how wonderful it is to be rescued by the grace of God and how to deal with the problems that you may be facing in your life’s journey. It will teach you how to grow strong and how to overcome and defeat any negative or evil influence that may cross your path.

Applying this tool to reach your goals for harmony, happiness, and success in your life is probably the best thing you could ever do, so don’t hesitate to pick up this book and read it carefully and rejoice over the great amount of help that you will receive from it.

After you’ve read Rising from the Dark Side of Life, you should have the power, the ability, and the wisdom that you need to defeat anything negative, especially when it comes to something as evil as what you are about to read about in this book.

May God bless you with great wisdom and understanding throughout your journey. Amen.

–Joseph C. Plourdee

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About the Author

I have lived a life of all kinds of experiences, from struggling at the bottom of the barrel, as we say, and after becoming old enough to work, at 15 years of age I went to work and started making a life of my own, and things started getting better one step at the time. During those years I only new the French language but afterward I’ve learned the English language and I’m very glad that I did, because in Canada both languages are needed to make our lives easier, I went to up grating schools and now I’m using this ability to do the things that I like to do like writing books and teaching others about carpentry and plumbing. I became a Christian in 1984 and was inspired by God to preach his word to anyone that were willing to listen and learn, I’ve also did lots of research and did lots of study in the spiritual and physical field for about 30 years to get to understand the reality of life the way it should be understood. To write “Rising From the Dark side of Life” didn’t need any study because I lived it, but “Both Feet on the Spiritual Path” I had to do lots of searching and studies including my own experiences through life, from struggling at the bottom of the barrel, as we say, to become successful after so many years, I have the good Lord to thank for my successes.

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