By: Lonnie C. Larso

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““Reunited” is more then just a science fiction thriller.

Robert is a humble man from Earth and he unexpectedly finds himself involved in an interplanetary romance… When Leah’s planet comes under attack and is nearly destroyed by a ruthless enemy; Bob is forced to leave without her and go back to Earth with some refugees.

Some time later Bob comes to the aid of some of his alien friends and has to leave Earth for a while. Once back home on Earth Bob finds himself dodging a nosy FBI agent and is forced to leave yet again.

Bob spends the next 300 years traveling through space in and out of suspended animation searching for his wife, Leah; along the way he makes many friends and a few enemies as well. And through it all he never gives up hope. There’s suspense, danger and romance as Bob travels through space searching for his wife. And just when you think that it’s over you’ll be shocked at what happens next…”

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