Rebirth of the Dark Ones

By: Clint Charles Fryer

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Centuries ago . . .

Deep within the heart of time and space in a world called Alexandria, ancient scrolls were found by archaeologist and translated by the smartest minds of their time. The scrolls spoke of a legendary society called “The Guardians.”

The Guardians were said to possess pure mystical magic and were very powerful. The Guardians would travel throughout time and eliminate the forces of evil that would stand in the way of all that was known to be good. In time, the people slowly began to call them ” The Dark Ones” because of the dark cloaks they wore.

The ancient scrolls also spoke of how The Dark Ones evolved and became extinct. Centuries later a young farm boy named “Foo” set out on a dangerous quest to save his true love, and changed his destiny. This is a story taken from within the ancient scrolls of how. The Dark Ones became reborn.

Far across space was a world filled with evil and corruption, and yet in the heart of it all stood a young farmhand named Foo, who was saddling up his horse for his late afternoon adventure, unknowing that his daily ride was about to change his destiny forever, with the help of his true love a peasant slave girl named Fresh Air, whom he has never met. And that very night, he rescues her from her master, an evil gargoyle, in exchange for a powerful mystical stone, and thus begins a whirlwind adventure that takes them to another time and place where they are caught up in the ultimate battle between a young king and evil sorceress.

This imaginative tale of courage and betrayal, adventure and true love, stresses the value of purity over corruption; a mystical whirlwind of action mixed with heart-pounding adventure, filled with mystical creatures, crazy old wizards, and so much more.

Foo realizes his true calling that will eventually lead to the center of time and space and into the hearts of The Dark Ones, the guardians of time and space.

“This easily-read fantasy adventure contains a storyline filled with twists and turns from beginning to end. Readers quickly become consumed with the characters as the tale allows their imaginations to explore the realms of a different world. Moreover, Rebirth of the Dark Ones is concluded with a cliffhanger, leaving room for a possible continuation of the tale.”

“This story successfully intertwines the genres of narrative, adventure, fantasy, and romance with a good balance of each to appeal to many different readers. In a time of unrest and instability, it is refreshing and encouraging to read a novel where true love conquers all.”

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Clint Charles Fryer was born in Guelph, Ontario, but spent most of his childhood in the countryside of Belwood Ontario. He is a proud and loving father as well a loving and dedicated husband and enjoys his spare time with his loving family and friends. Clint Charles Fryer is a dynamic author, this is his first book to be published. He is now working on completing the Dark Ones’ adventure series. He is also planning in the not too distant future, an animation series based on the Dark Ones’ stories. He is a big fan of Science Fiction, Action/ Adventure and fantasy movies.

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