By: Nikki Goodwin

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Set in Wales, Anwen is a beautiful sixteenth-century woman facing the challenges of her sensuality and social status. It highlights her spiritual awakening, which leads her into a world of deadly passions and romantic duplicity. Despite a violent attack, in a harsh time when being “gifted” could mean death, she lives out her soul’s purpose. She teaches not only the people in her world the meaning of life but the reader in the twenty-first century. This story will be a gift to all who read it, for it was divinely delivered, and it can only but inspire hope in a world where today it seems humanity has lost its direction. The light of her soul will forever remain upon the shoulder of all who step into the “room of her life”. What has been written has been etched in time, for what was spoken and thought has manifested physically. The light of her soul infinitely scattered. -Nikki Goodwin (author) “Take me with you, in your heart, and feel me holding your hand through this life and into the next” is what Anwen whispered into my ear, as I left the beautiful grounds of the castle.

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Nikki Goodwin (B.Msc) was born and still lives in Africa. She speaks from the heart, documenting the events of an incredibly brave fourteenth-century woman and her will to survive. It highlights the reality that whichever century we have lived in, humanity still seems to face the same challenges. Nikki Goodwin is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in metaphysical hypnosis (Mhyp.D).

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