Picture Elicitation Screening Manual for Interrogation

By: Dr. James A. Kholos

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The best detection is using the MBBT as an index of what drives an individual suspect to react by a loss of impulse control. At issue is the critical correction of advancing to the suspect under interrogation an alternative metaphor that he may look at his behavior objectively and reconcile his past by offering intel to the investigative team. For the long term, the MBBT strategy may be considered one of the finest tools in the fight against international terrorism. To test the concept, rates of prosecution must exceed number of unsuccessful investigations without identifying potential terrorists. A detective with integrity will have satisfaction with his own skills and knowledge invested within his training of learning MBBT to gain a personal reward. Battlefield interrogations accomplish what prolonged interviews that fail to render a suspect guilty, yet in the heat of the moment passions reveal truth.


A religion is defined not just by its holy texts but also by how believers interpret those texts; that is, by its practices. Most Muslims are moderate but the few who are diagnosed with an amygdala disorder must be intercepted before acting out politically and religiously inspired violence. The application of the MBBT can be defended not presuming innocent people guilty. If the world held other Arab-Islamic-American summits in friendly countries as Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, or other sites of moderation, a first order of business would be expressing tolerance. Muslims can be decent people and nothing will be accomplished without understanding the needs of your adversary. Domestic terrorism is a serious problem identifying questionable personalities, for advancing domestic tranquility.

American soldiers today are often ridiculed and slandered. Heroes will come forth in their time to experience gratitude. One’s expression of a spiritual-self, becomes God’s purpose when pondering life during an adversity.

Honorable Kenneth T. Tanaka

Counterintelligence Chief

Retired U.S. DEA Senior Special Agent

Purple Heart Recipient, U.S. Marine Corps

MBBT applies

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