One in a Million

By: Christine Marie Blai

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Three years after a devastating divorce from an adulterous husband, twenty-four-year-old nursing student Mariette Stuart leaves her home state of Ohio to vacation in San Francisco. The city is not only beautiful but also romantic, and Mariette finds herself surrounded by legendary cable cars, the atmospheric Fisherman’s Wharf, and the lovely Golden Gate Park.

Soon, she meets Christian Stanislaus, a thirty-six-yearold virtuoso pianist who she can’t help but admire just as much as she admires the city. She is drawn to his music, as well as his undeniable good looks. Christian is similarly taken with Mariette. Although he travels often, they decide to date and spend passionate nights together whenever they’re in the same town.

After dropping Christian off at the airport in Ohio, Mariette is approached by her ex-music teacher. He tells her that Christian is notorious for playing as many women as he does piano keys while on tour. Having dealt with unfaithfulness before, Mariette now must decide if she trusts Christian enough to continue loving him, at the risk of another broken heart.

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Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Bound

About the Author

Christine Marie Blai

Baby Blai was born 10-30-1950, 2:34 A.M. St. Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA. Sex, female, she weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz. length 23 inches. Baby Blai, female was baptized Christine Marie Blai at All Souls Church in South San Francisco, CA, on the 19th day of November, 1950. Child of Thomas Blai and Anita Grech Blai, with sponsers Angelo Grech and Esperanza Grech, this bouncing bundle of joy joined her big brother Stephen Thomas Blai. Christine Marie Blai graduated St. John Elementary School ’64, St. John Ursuline High School ’68, City College of San Francisco, Hotel and Restaurant Dept. ’70. University of California, Davis withdrew from classes on this campus Spring Quarter 1978. Creating fictional characters and writing their stories is a love of mine. I’ve had three short stories published. Two were printed in Across The Generations Volumes II and III in the 1980’s. In 2001, under the nom de plume, Lucy Blue, I sold a piece of erotica to Bon Vue Enterprises. I remember looking at the $75.00 check and thinking, wow I’m a paid writer. Regarding One In A Million by Christine Marie Blai. I played around with these characters over 20-30 years. They evolved. Some died off or were useless, some essential: Mariette Stuart, Christian Stanislaus and Klaus Steiner. Writing what I considered a Romance Novel, I sent it to iUniverse for self-publishing. The editor wrote back that Romance Novels are “highly formulaic” and my story missed pieces of the formula (external conflict, internal conflict, The Force that draws them together and keeps them interacting. Needless to say, I was devastated and for the next 6 months read and re-read the editors words. I finally after several re-writes One In A Million by Christine Marie Blai was published August, 2016. My cataracts are getting the better of me now but I would love to hear from any readers with any comments. Please send email to

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