A Myopic Life Resonated From the Brink of the Abyss

By: Simeon W. Johnson

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Permit me to segueway with this brief synopsis of the subject matter:

A true story extraordinaire!

Simeon Johnson’s life has been transformed from a myopic life resonated to a vanguard of change life! Born in Jamaica, the youngest of thirteen children, SIMEON JOHNSON overcame much hardship. As a young child, he witnessed his mother’s death; as a teenager, he endured myriad hardships and even came to the brink of suicide. Who, then would have said God blessed Simeon? Yet now he has returned to testify to the world and the testimony of the Cross. In his book A Myopic Life Resonated From the Brink of the Abyss, he describes his miraculous transformation.

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Ebook, Paperback

About the Author

Simeon Johnson is the author of his first book entitled: From the Brink of Suicide. A Book that is changing lives everywhere! He is now the author of his second book entitled: ROMW Vs RAMB reveals God, Adam, and Creation. Mr. Johnson earns his FCC General Radio Telephone First Class license, with Radar endorsement. He also graduated from a Master course in Radio and TV electronics. He currently live, and work in N.Y. City… “A LIFE IS A PRECIOUS THING TO WASTE!”

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