Morality Shorts

By: Miatta Lansana

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Morality Shorts is a compilation of stories filled with life lessons and values. Christians and non-Christians alike will enjoy and reflect on these melodic, anecdotal tales written to make everyone talking, thinking, and searching about how life should be lived. The line between right and wrong remains thin, and each page of this book displays an illustration of how things could go downhill when one foot starts to step across. Read between the lines to see and find true purpose—a purpose with morality in mind.

About the author



About the Author

Born and raised in Denver, Co. MiattaLynn Lansana, self-published her first book while in elementary named “Freddy Krueger is my Friend,” it was her first public documented work. By middle school her artistry had gained attention from the school’s newspaper in which published a poem about fear. After high school she entered “Definition of a Woman,” in the International Library of Poetry contest and won a spot in their Anthology called, Of Memory Bliss, (1999); henceforth, leading to two new opportunities in songwriting. Hilltop Records 2000 & Amerecord Records 2001 debuted her songs “Straight from My Heart, and God is All You Need.” MiattaLynn, self-published in the early 2000s her second and third literary works, “The Heart of a Woman Through Poetry 1 & 2, and Morality Shorts.”

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