Invisible Chains & Violent Love

By: Janet Harvey

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This book will take you on a journey of love-abuse-love, repeating the cycle over and over, each time showing creative ways to survive and finally escape.

I wrote this book to help people gain an understanding about domestic violence after hearing from many people, ” I would never let this happen to me!” Each situation is different, so if you are in a violent situation, know someone that is curious why women stay and/or put up with abuse.

I hope you find answers in my book. I detailed many events I lived through and situations that may have been life threatening, but I somehow survived. The story takes many turns and offers unique ways to deal with abuse, confinement, and survival. Within this one book, you will find romance, horror, and inspirational survival.

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Ebook, Hard Bound, Paper Back

About the Author

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Liberty Jones has lived in not one but two violent relationships. She learned techniques for survival at battered women shelters, in jail (when she was accused of being an abuser), and from ministers while seeking help. After all that, it became clear she needed to share her stories through writing and speaking about abuse. Hopefully, this would be a way to help other people in similar situations or those that know someone that is being abused. Many specialists refuse to counsel couples together, seeing each individually. Liberty found many people offering help had no personal experience with domestic violence. Liberty has experience with both a controlling, extremely violent husband and a husband that became violent while intoxicated. She also has lived repeatedly through having both husbands blame and accuse her of victimizing them. Through her writing, she hopes to reach readers by using her personal experiences as a victim and survivor of domestic violence.

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