God Is Not Angry At Us

By: Bishop Malcolm L Browne

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This book is a thought-provoking book. It will open you up to the great and marvelous things our God provides for us, but most of all, it will certainly let you know that God is not angry with you, but he loves you.

God wants to give you an expected end; he wants you to have life and have it more abundantly. He wants you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. He loves you and is not angry at you.

I believe this book will revolutionize the way you see God–not as some great and scary being, waiting until you make a mistake to destroy you.

About the author


Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Bound

About the Author

Bishop Dr. Malcolm Browne is the Bishop and General Overseer of Seed Faith Mission, Inc. Since receiving the calling of God upon his life at the age of 17, Dr. Browne has been working diligently for the Lord ever since. Dr. Browne holds a PhD. in Religious Studies and a Th.D. in Divinity both from Friends International Christian University. God has called Dr. Browne along with his lovely wife Pastor Wendy Browne, and their four sons and their wives: Pastor Asif Browne and his wife Stafanee Browne, Minister Dellon Browne and his wife Dr. Shereka Browne, Evangelist Geron Browne and his wife Solina Browne, and Kadeem Browne, to lead a ministry that is categorized as a last day’s church, with a message for the lost men and women in and out of the community. Dr. Browne is assisted by a devoted and hardworking group of Elders, Ministers, Evangelists and Deacons.

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