Eve of Change

By: Darcy Carmichael

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Once again, Olivia finds herself standing alone in the darkness, high upon a rooftop overlooking Lawsin City Park. She has been here every night this week, keeping a constant vigil from her perch for the scum of this city, those who would prey on people crazy enough to be in this park, alone after dark.

It all started off simple enough, trying to give her mom’s death meaning, but it has turned into much more than that. It is about proving her dad that he was wrong about society, that there is hope for people to grow and become better. She sees the city not only for its flaws, but also for its potential. With the skills she learned over the years, she can make a difference.

Olivia feels a drive deep within her to help people. Maybe, by setting an example to how she feels the world should be, I might inspire others to do the same. Unbeknownst to Olivia, her crusade to save the Lawsin City Park will become so much more than she ever thought possible.

Eve of Change is part of a book series by Darcy N. Carmichael. This group of books fallow different female superheroes as they use their powers to make Lawsin City a safer place. We hope you will enjoy their journey.

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