By: Lilian White

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This powerful story during World War II begins in the Dutch East Indies, where Ruth and Kareen Van-derwal are sex slaves of the Japanese. The twins must escape!

So starts this far-reaching drama of love, murder, greed, power, hate, sex, and scientists experimenting with genetics in this apocalyptic science fiction novel that ends in the present day.

Scientists from La Fatal develop intelligent half-men and half-animals. Products of genetic manipulation, these creatures extract their “special” revenge by ripping out the throats of their enemies and by blowing up laboratories after other half-creatures are taken, tortured, and murdered.

In an effort by nations to grab global control, the competing influences include astrology, terrorism, superpowers, Christianity, the Islamic Movement, steamy spies and assassins, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, covert operations, the underworld, and incredible savagery.

Could Emmanuel have the answers? Or, do the intelligent half-men and half-animals hold the secrets? Or, do both of them?

Brilliantly written, spellbinding, suspenseful, and enormously entertaining, this book exquisitely captures the spirit of the United States, Scotland, London, Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia, Ireland, and China as the story spans the globe. Emmanuel is a masterpiece!

Novelist Lilian White is from Queensland, Australia. She was formerly a nurse and an English tutor. Filmmakers in the United States are currently considering her novel In Love’s Time.

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Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Bound

About the Author

Sweeping through the 1800s, through the despair of poverty and the glory of hope, through shepherding on a croft, through the atmosphere of Fort Worth and Texas to war-torn France and Europe, from modern Brisbane to heady New York City, In Love’s Time is as ageless as the aborigines’ dreamtime; it takes you from tragedy to the triumph that occurs when fortes fortuna juvat (fortune favors the brave). For Catrine Stewart, it a time of discovery and intrigue. . . Lilian White will always remember the thrill of riding in a buggy on Australia Day in Brisbane, Australia. Hearing the buggy’s wheels rumbling and crunching dirt, while the wind rushed through Lilian’s hair, led her to the exotic world of romance with its intrigue and its passion and its love. She is a writer; that is her profession. Her books include: A Career at Any Cost; Flaming Swords; Listen to the Animals; Faith. She has written poetry and prose, including: “The Enchanting Princess,” the Townsville Bulletin, January 1986 | “Parents,” the Catholic Leader, March 1990. Lilian White has nursed in Australia, and has lectured on writing and has given workshops about her craft in libraries. In 1986, she received a “thank you” from the late Princess Diana. Princess Diana stated that she was “most touched” by the lovely poem and the kind thought in writing to her. Similar to the princesses’ love for people is this tale that sweeps through the very hearts of our families within our society, highlighting the importance of our families. Writing In Love’s Time has been a transcendent experience for her. She feels that this book can help its readers to hold hope deep in their hearts, no matter what problems weight them throughout their lives. Above all, this novel has the capability of changing readers’ viewpoints because of its dynamics, its family focus and universal appeal.

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