The Datura Solution (The Max Foreman Story Book 1)

By: Patrick Faure

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Max Foreman has just come back from a military mission in Africa. What should have been a simple in and out covert operation turned into a multiple week ordeal punctuated by a trail of bodies from Africa to Europe. Worse, Max realizes that the team was betrayed. Escaping to Spain, Max is witness to the kidnapping of Lena, a multibillionaire Russian woman whom he falls in love with. Max’s relationship with Lena will change his life forever as she is an oligarch trying to fend off organized crime attempts to rob her of her fortune. Max is suddenly thrown into a battle for Lena’s life as well as his.
What starts as a love affair with Lena and the prospect of a life of leisure turns out to be anything but. Max has to muster all of his allies to fight forces that he barely understands and that have the support of the Russian Prime Minister. He has to operate in a world of intrigue and murders, where the only solution to problems is to eliminate them.
The Datura Solution is a tale of love, tragedy, brutality, and greed, that builds into a fight for survival not only for Max, but for all of his associates in the unforgiving world of Russian oligarchs.

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About the Author

Patrick Faure was born in Monaco and is poet, writer, and artist. During the 1980s and 1990s his realistic skills allowed him to become a leading painter of Native Americans, winning multiple awards for his portraits. In the last few years, Faure started a literary career, publishing several books, while continuing creating Surrealistic paintings. Faure then invented a style of painting he calls Faurism. Like his visual art, Faure’s books question the validity of technology while questioning its dangers. His works, which include hidden philosophical messages, are in high demand and are making him one of the most intriguing artists of the 21st Century.

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