Why You Were Born: The Only Choice You Don’t Get to Make

By: Charles Pope

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This story is my personal story after reading hundreds of books over a span of nearly 40 years to sort out the questions people create about life. We have no choice in the fact we are born and are alive! What I discover changes my concept of life, death, and the “here after”! You will begin to see this is a life of living, learning, and accumulated experiences by a design including our eventual death! Whether by accident, war, murder, suicide, disease, or old age, we will die! We are near the end of 6,000 years of mankind’s records of living and learning from life’s experiences as time marches on. There is a reason why mankind and nations have a history. This book is a straight forward presentation of history and science using the bible as a timeline guide creating the answer for “Why you were born?

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About the Author

Charles Pope is 68 years of age. He has studied ancient history, science, and theology for 38 years. He holds independent ministerial credentials in the State of Oklahoma and has voluntarily participated in all aspects of ministry in several different “mainstream” Protestant churches. He has performed marriages, funerals, festivals, seminars, taught Sunday Schools, Sabbath Schools, and interviewed hundreds of Christians over the years of his volunteer service to many churches of many faiths. During the process he has discovered there are many questions people have about contradictions that seem apparent in what the bible says vs. mainstream religions of the “Christian” faith. He reveals how and where this deceit began, in his book. His findings are controversial and he has discovered that the majority of “mainstream” religions are unknowingly deceived about many things the bible says. He wrote this book for personal documentation from years of research and decided to share it with “those who have an ear to hear” and the courage to find out when, where, and how this “progressive” deceit is started and Why You Were Born, “a choice we don’t get to make”. He is an independent “minister of the faith once delivered by Jesus and the Apostles” He has served on three different church boards in three different Protestant denominations, and provided a gospel music ministry for all churches for over 10 years, “The Crystal River Trio”. He is retired and resides in Edmond, Oklahoma where he continues to write on his next book, “The New World Order, Armageddon, and Beyond” ‘who the nations and players could be”. He has also written and sings Southern Gospel Music. “I wish to thank Stratton Press for publishing and providing my book to the public”.

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