By: Rick Montgomery

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Before the arrival of Europeans in the peninsula between the lakes, today known as Southern Ontario, was the domain of the Attawondaronks. Sannisen wears more trophy feathers than any other warrior in this land and is the war chief of the Attawondaronk Nation.

A clan war is brewing, provoked by the intrigues of the shaman society. Four men from nations of the south arrive at Ounotisaston, the chief town of the Attawondaronks, and the simmering conflict boils over.

Sannisen and his family attempt to end the stranglehold of the shamans and pay a terrible price. The alienation of this family results in a vendetta that will span three generations. The strange beliefs and customs of an obscure and fascinating culture come to life in this gripping tale of adventure, romance, betrayal, and revenge.

The fates have brought these outsiders and the family of Sannisen together. Many lives and the entire Attawondaronk Nation will never be the same. When the final reckoning comes, an entire nation melts into the misty veil of time.

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J. R. Montgomery grew up on a small farm in southern Ontario, where, as a young boy, he discovered three archaic graves and several artifacts. He still resides in rural Ontario, and has extensively studied the First Nation Peoples and known archaeological sites brought to life in his first novel.

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