Ancient Wisdoms

By: Gayle Redfern

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Gayle Redfern’s interest in spirituality has been life-long. This led to her degrees in psychology and holistic health. As a psychic, lecturer, motivational speaker and author of three books, Inner Bridges, Ayurveda Demystystified and Within & Beyond, she introduces us to the value of ancient knowledge as a means of bringing peace and harmony into our lives. Many cultures learned these values millennia ago. Today, she shares the significance of applying ancient beliefs and laws to modern society. When individuals apply our ancient’s beliefs to daily living, they bring their body, mind and spirit into balance. Each individual balance then transfers over to the entire community. As she continually explores various societies, she sees how some cultures achieve this communal harmony while other groups lose the peace. Through her fourth book, she reacquaints us with the world’s ancient teachings.

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About the Author

Gayle Redfern

Whoever said that we are better working independently is slightly misguided. I have been interested in spirituality all my life and an acknowledged psychic for almost 30 years. It was my husband who encouraged my work as a health consultant, medium, writer, workshop leader and speaker. The benefits are now enjoyed by my husband, myself and all readers of my work. As a conscious channel, I combine these gifts with the learning from university degrees in Psychology and Wholistic Health. My health consulting included Ayurveda, floral and crystal essences, balancing and counseling. Early publications were completely channeled and gradually, my guides gave me titles and then led me to sources of pertinent data. Everything was directed to bring balance of body, mind and spirit with the planet. One of the most recent and powerful instructions was hearing elders from the four corners pleading with humans to act responsibly and repair the damage done to the Earth. This information led to motivating Elders and Community laymen to discover how to ask pertinent questions or share information. Not only was the information isolated within a community but it showed how we are all linked together and is a motivating tool to heal the planet. Ancient Wisdoms, Exploring the Mysteries and Connections, my last publication provides details of the philosophical links. The current book, Ancient Wisdoms II, Many Corners, Many Voices provides in-depth details of the four corners, motivating both Elders and the Layman to ask the pertinent questions that provides details that will lead to the actual steps of healing between humans and the planet.

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