A Fine How Do You Do

By: Patricia Tappan

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Eric, the weatherman at the Altoona Daily News, had no idea what was in store when he chose to pack a small suitcase with a few clothes and his gold watch and cufflinks left to him by his father. He set off for England, leaving his devoted and loving wife, Martha, alone and totally bewildered. A FINE HOW DO YOU DO is the story of his trip and the lives of those he encounters in Ambleside. Alma Boeld, a charming socialite in the Lake District, takes Eric under her wing. Alma’s unpredictable brother, her sensitive chauffeur, her two loyal maids, a deftly conniving acquaintance, and a mother with her precocious twelve-year-old daughter fill an eye-opening summer.

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Ebook, Paper Back, Hard Bound

About the Author

Patricia Tappan

Patty Dickson has created a remarkable and insightful novel about characters who continue discovering themselves; children starting out in the world and those dealing with their damaged lives. She has managed to combine humor, tragedy and tricky business all in one small volume. Her book takes us from Altoona, Pa., to London, Paris, Oberammergau, Germany and Ambleside, England during the 1950’s. Her cast of characters are constantly having “Fine How Do You Dos.” Their lives wind their way into your heart and linger.

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