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Paul Carter

The Further Tales Of A
Country Doctor

Mark of Excellence

The Further Tales of a Country Doctor are Carter’s continuing stories of the tapestry of life as drawn from overseeing a small-town medical practice in rural Australia

Over the years, in both private and professional capacities, Carter’s fellow community members have taken him into their lives and opened themselves up to him. They have shared their hopes, their fears, their highs, and their lows. Now their generosity extends to allowing him to share all this with a wider audience.

This series of interlinking short stories are not only about these everyday heroes of rural Australia, but also about the two-way nature of friendship and healing. Rich, spirited, irresistible, often funny, sometimes sombre, but overwhelmingly uplifting,the humanity of these stories will stay with you for a long time.

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Intriguing story with great insights that provoke thought about such matters as grief, loss, and what actually makes a village -- a village. - DPop

Just finished found it hard to put down. Only problem it follows on closed with the usual format of vets, doctors dentist life experience,s. Once past that lovely to read, had tears in my eyes and i, m not often moved to tears. - S.M.GILL

This book is fabulous. The structure is simple enough - each chapter tells a story which more or less stands alone, and revolves around a patient from the author's practice. - CHRIS JACKSON