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Wisdom Hidden in a Mystery: Who Is She? Why Does She Cry?by Bertha Hicks-Drake


In this book there is revealed the story of a woman, hidden in the Bible. She is mentioned many times in scripture, especially in the Old Testament writings, yet she has been largely overlooked by the theologians of today. She is described in the Bible as appearing in heaven with a man child. This woman is no longer the enigma that has endured for hundreds maybe even thousands of years. . Her identity and standing in the Bible completes the story of the one that we now call, Jesus Christ.

Through the woman’s narrative, highlighted in Wisdom Hidden in a Mystery, we learn how and why the one that we now call Jesus Christ was chosen to be decreed as the Son of God. This book reveals Jesus’ identity before He was given this assignment, and describes the beginning relationship that Jesus had with the Most High God. “Deeply spiritual and powerfully moving,” “Wisdom Hidden in a Mystery will inspire the reader to become more devoted to opening up the scriptures and discovering other mysteries hidden within.”

Book Title Wisdom Hidden in a Mystery: Who Is She? Why Does She Cry?
Author Bertha Hicks-Drake
Date Published July 11, 2018
  • e-Book: 9781643450995
  • Paperback: 9781948654265