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Transcend: The 3 Elementsby Ed Vergara


Transcend…discover the force that governs the universe; how does it work?

Your attitude will take control and guide all the events in your life. Anything you do and know will condition what you receive. The universe is energy. Our thoughts transform that concentration of energy creating our reality. At the core of our being, we are one with the planet earth, the universe, and the omnipresence of the Most High. Reality is both spiritual, physical, and psychological.

This spiritual development takes us from a state of hope—I hope—even a state of trust and security—I believe—to the next state of certainty—I know, I know, I love—The road begins, with hope, it grows and it is strengthened with faith, and is potentiated and magnified with knowledge, knowing, loving.

You are literally what you think of yourself.

Your beliefs are not made of realities, rather, your reality is being formed every day by your beliefs.

What is the secret and the link between time, dreams, and eternity? How to learn to serve my consciousness and then find true freedom? What is the relationship between attraction, magnetism, and the alignment of energy?

Eternity has come into your life and is waiting for you to know what to do in the next moment. The universe is waiting for you to know which direction to follow. Only you can give it the right direction. Once again, you choose what reality you want to live in; you have to discover and realize you’re most dreamed and intimate desires, only then can you develop your full potential.

Discover how to start a time of permanent success in everything you do. For gratitude is the seed and the principle to be able to mature and grow; adversities and events in the life of each human being have a divine and angelic connection. These events prompted me to write and share these authentic personal stories and anecdotes that will reveal to you how to transcend, penetrate the celestial universe, and also connect with your guardian angels.

Ed Vergara has always distinguished himself for his dedication to science, art, universal history. His excellent professional training has led him to be a specialist in history, urban planning, architecture, construction, and he is also an expert in health and safety in construction (OSHA) and lectures in English to all US states.

Knowing immutable spiritual principles has been the source and foundation of important discoveries. The adversities and events in his life prompted him to write and share these authentic stories and personal anecdotes that will reveal to you how to transcend, penetrate the celestial universe, and connect with your guardian angels.

Book Title Transcend: The 3 Elements
Author Ed Vergara
Date Published February 10, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643458984
  • Paperback: 9781643458977