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The Second Coming of Christ: The Rapture and the Revelationby Rufus Rawls


Life in this life is a journey and not a destination, though the journey itself leads to an eternal destination, Heaven or Hell. In the interim between the journey and the destination, everyone is busy trying to navigate the journey while not necessarily giving enough serious thought to the journey’s final destination. Yes! People are getting married or not, divorcing, pursuing educational and career goals, saving and spending, living life in the blind while paying little or no attention to the fact that time, as we know it, is running out of time. Most believers or Christians believe Christ will return one day and rescue His people out of this life. Although Christians do typically believe and may even pray for the return of Christ, some lack a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about the Second Coming of Christ. On the other hand, there is a disproportionate number or group of people that, because they have been hearing all of their lives that Jesus is coming back, are ignoring the clear and concise prophetic writing on the prophetic wall that time is running out of time! Nonetheless, the Bible is inundated with prophecies that are unmistakably clear regarding the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore, this book, The Second Coming of Christ: The Rapture and the Revelation, is a book that unveils and reveals the fact that prophecy is history written in advance. The last word in its title, Revelation, points to the appearing of Christ at the culmination of the Great Tribulation for the battle of Armageddon, the battle of all battles. This book is the sounding of the alarm that each of us should be, through diligent preparation and godly steadfastness with uncompromising stick-to-itiveness, living to live again. Each of us during this dispensation of grace will be, upon Christ’s return, left behind to undergo the unspeakable suffering of the Great Tribulation, or either resurrected or translated in glorified bodies to meet Christ in the air to go with Him to Heaven. This book will help each of us embrace the fact that the rapture of the Church is imminent or very close at hand. Each of us will either be “caught up” in glory at the Rapture or left behind to endure unparalleled pain and suffering during the Great Tribulation.

Book Title The Second Coming of Christ: The Rapture and the Revelation
Author Rufus Rawls
Date Published June 08, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781648950414
  • Paperback: 9781648950407