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The Princess and the Peon: An Uncommon Conversation with the Late Princess Dianaby Rose Campbell


What does a spiritual medium do when the strong-willed Diana, princess of Wales, comes calling? Answer the call, of course! This book details the conversations had between the author and Diana from the night of Diana’s death, lasting for the better part of a year in sessions recorded as they happened. Diana had much to say and the author had to “pick herself up off the floor” a few times. There is emotion, insights, humor, and most of what Diana wanted the world to know in 1997–1998. It was an extraordinary conversation.

Rose Campbell has worked with metaphysical sciences and as a channel/medium for the world of spirit for more than thirty years. It is her calling, and she works in many veins helping those of the spiritual realms have a voice within our world. Rose was honored to have been selected by Diana for this mission.

Rose is a widow and has four children and eight grandchildren. She has worked for forty-plus years as a hairstylist also. Rose is actively gearing up to work more with the realms of spirit so that life after life becomes a proven and accepted fact.

Book Title The Princess and the Peon: An Uncommon Conversation with the Late Princess Diana
Author Rose Campbell
Date Published September 19, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643457666
  • Paperback: 9781643455044