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The Last Castle in Brooklyn: Out of the Darkness Comes Lightby Lady Simone


In this exciting, incredulous debut novel by Lady Simone, Mariah is a young single mother searching to find herself, love, and enlightenment. She meets the eccentric old Reverend Blake, the preacher of an old abandoned haunted-looking castle church in Brooklyn. Mariah finds herself drawn to the reverend like a moth to a flame when suddenly her life explodes in an epiphany of destiny, vision, and light amid chaos, confusion, despair, pressure, and pain. This is a story of darkness, light, justice, faith, and the power of love. Only time will tell if Mariah will triumph against the evil odds and emerge victorious.

Lady Simone is a doctor of naturopathy, pastor, entrepreneur, and author of five books, the latest being Financial Freedom by Faith. Her workshops, lectures, and seminars on natural healing with iridology, healing with alternative medicine, the power of faith, and manifesting money set people free to live abundant, healthier lives and make her a captivating, sought-after motivational speaker. Visit for the addresses for juice bar, church, wellness center, books, health supplements, events, and upcoming retreats.

Her corporate background and journalistic and media career has allowed her to meet and interview many powerful leaders: President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Pulitzer Prize winners, artists, literary geniuses, and thinkers.

Lady Simone has earned honorary doctorate degrees in humanities and ministry and also has a bachelor of arts degree from Brooklyn College, New York. She is the recipient of numerous awards from the US Senate, Brooklyn Borough president, mayor of New York, council of New York, and many more.

Book Title The Last Castle in Brooklyn: Out of the Darkness Comes Light
Author Lady Simone
Date Published November 22, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643458243
  • Paperback: 9781643458267