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The Journey to Death: 72 Hours in Sahara Desert and 41 Hours on Red Seaby Daniel Gezahegn Wendemu


The book explains briefly the way what it took for the writer to get to the Arabian Gulf waters of Yemen, starting from the long-distance heart of Ethiopia. After that, he talks of his childhood villages on the way to Jijiga, the eastern city of Ethiopia, and then to the port city of Bosaso. But he passed a lot of difficulties on his journey.

It is difficult to track how many days the writer spent. He spent seventy-one hours walking in the Sahara Desert without food and water before crossing the Gulf of Aden. In those circumstances, days and nights lacked meaning. One can hardly tell what day of the week is any given day. All that matters is getting there at all cost.

However, the most dangerous trip was the perilous fourty-one-hour journey in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. People are crammed into a rickety boat made for a dozen people. Some of the stories told in this fateful journey are too gruesome to mention. Suffice to say, it is a life-and-death situation. The harsh circumstances, however, hardly deter refugees from getting to their destination.

Daniel Gezahegn is Ethiopian Exiled Journalist currently living in United States Of America. He born grow and follow his Accademic and journalistic study in Ethiopia. He was the editor in chief of Moged, an Amharic language newspaper in Addis Ababa. After his first News Paper Gemena banned by government. He was one of the many opposition journalists arrested by the Ethiopian regime years ago. He was arrested over six times during he was Ethiopian Free Press Journalist and one of press Activist. As he was accused of writing false and slanderous stories about the defection of the members in the Ethiopian Air Force and of defying the ruling system. He also dared to speak out on other contentious issues involving: The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Remaining silent police brutuality during the political event of on the year, the Ministry of Defence, and influential personalities such as General Bacha Debela the Ethiopian government high official of The Deffence Force).

Book Title The Journey to Death: 72 Hours in Sahara Desert and 41 Hours on Red Sea
Author Daniel Gezahegn Wendemu
Date Published February 10, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643459158
  • Paperback: 9781643457291