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The Journey of Hope: Her Search for Truthby Patricia Hope


The Journey of Hope – presents the authors struggles to uncover personal history long hidden by the Tennessee Childrens Home Society (TCHS). Beginning chapters describe why she was taken from her mother and handed over to Georgia Tann at TCHS in 1936 at the age of four.

Early memories include riding in the “big black car” that took her from Memphis to Odessa, Texas to a family that added the name Patricia and gave her a new life.

In 1987 she decides to confront her past and search for her birth parents and the truth behind her legal abduction and illegal adoption. What she discovers is both joyous and harrowing. She tells of the process of finding siblings and visiting the graves of her parents and Tann.

Her work discusses her rejuvenated commitment to God and faith and how she forgave Tann who sold children for profit and the judge that facilitated her efforts.

Crafted from personal experiences, this is a moving account that has a strong authorial voice that resonates throughout. The work is confidently written, drawing the reader into the fabric of the story. The pain and emotion is subtly woven into the richly textured narrative, making for affecting reading.

Her Search for Truth explores how her devotion has guided her through the emotional process and helped her see the hope in an unfortunate situation.

Book Title The Journey of Hope: Her Search for Truth
Author Patricia Hope
Date Published August 20, 2018
  • e-Book: 9781643451626
  • Paperback: 9781948654968