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The Horses of Keshin: The Mystical Spirit of the Horses of Keshinby Angela Susan Jackson


Jacob returns to Keshin Ranch to look after the horses while his father goes to Europe on vacation. The old colonial ranch hasn’t changed much over the years, but on Jacob’s return to the old homestad he begins to dream about this mysterious white horse Mash, and the cotton plantation before the civil war broke out in 1862.

From childhood Angela has always enjoyed writing short stories and poems which have been written for children.
Born in York, England and lived in South Africa, she currently resides in Australia where she has settled with her family.
Over the years she has written a few manuscripts and illustrated the stories in pencil and water colour medium, which express the theme of the chapters and incorporates a visual dialogue for the content being expressed throughout the story.
Since 1985, she began to write and illustrate a series of short stories and fables based on experience and observations which became a form of Artistic expression.
The essence of expressing words to form a story is a concept which intrigues, and by utilizing ideas it develops a writing style which can form impressions by way of delving into experiences and thus deliver a sense of fulfilment.
Angela writes from both research and inspiration where she has observed and participated in a situation, whereby the expression of language may be nurtured and procured through the Art of Writing.
She writes for the purpose of Health and Wellbeing and wants to convey an expression of healing and conservation in expressing her ideas to a young audience.

Book Title The Horses of Keshin: The Mystical Spirit of the Horses of Keshin
Author Angela Susan Jackson
Date Published May 06, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643455136
  • Paperback: 9781643454061