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The Exceptional Teenager's Development League Book: The Most Important Things You Need to Knowby Holland E. Bynam


The Exceptional Teenagers’ Development League Book tells its stories and helps to guide both youth and those who work with them to embrace the vital lessons for living wisely that those stories share. By spending time reading these stories, reflecting on their messages, and applying the insights they suggest, teenagers can equip themselves to deal skillfully with present and future concerns in the social, educational, workplace, and citizenship arenas.

“The works of Colonel Holland Bynam are among the most approachable tools available in the process of mentoring students and adults to excel emotionally and intellectually. In writing this inspirational, highly readable, insightful, and innovatively structured book, he continues his quest to empower others. Once again, by sharing his uncommon insights—this time with teenagers who wish to set themselves apart from their peers in the success arena—Colonel Bynam has produced a powerful yet wonderfully accessible tool for those who seek excellence in themselves, as well as for those whose role it is to assist in this developmental process.”—Jonas Moses, PhD, Total Science Inc.

Holland E. Bynam earned master’s degrees in the supervision of education and in interpersonal communications. A retired U.S. Army colonel and school district director, he has written several books, developed featured blogs on educational reform, and released a DVD, 6 Super Tips for Success. He lives in Pearland, Texas. Visit

Book Title The Exceptional Teenager's Development League Book: The Most Important Things You Need to Know
Author Holland E. Bynam
Date Published February 10, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643459127
  • Paperback: 9781643459110