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The Drums of Doom: Part 2 of the Duaredheim Staff Sagaby Erik D. J. O\'Brien


The Son of Odin must overcome the three challenges of Azamod. First, he must swim across the Sea of Endless Torment. Second, he must climb to the tallest peak of the highest mountain in Hell and defeat the son of Azamod. Lastly, he must find my beloved, Marie, release her from her prison, and bring her to me. Only then will he have fulfilled my quests three.

—Andomar Tabarun, The Lych King

The second part of Erik D. J. O’Brien’s The Duaredheim Staff Saga contains excerpts from the Chronicles of Olak Tempestus, which describes in detail the actions and plans of Vlad’s revolutionaries and their taking of hostages dearest to the Fermen’s hearts. At the end of the book, Erik also introduces his great uncle, John Elias Anderson of Monson, Massachusetts, WWII veteran, wounded at Capri Leone, Sicily, on August 10, 1943, and immortalizes him forever in this work as Sir John.

Drawn by the enchanted pull of the locating scepter, Kalor leads Carmen’s rangers into the treacherous, uncharted depths of Underearth. With courage and the unquenchable spirit of soldiers, they embark upon a perilous journey in exploration of the Secret Way. After an encounter with the terrible Darg, they battle for their lives in the Halls of the Dead. In possession of the gem of the staff, they race to acquire the rest of the artifact and save their world.

Book Title The Drums of Doom: Part 2 of the Duaredheim Staff Saga
Author Erik D. J. O\'Brien
Date Published August 27, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643457390
  • Paperback: 9781643455037