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The Big Dog Caperby Blake Nelson


When Buster the dog barks early in the morning, it wakes up Captain Randy Miller, who lives just three houses down the street. Everyone is saddened at the news that Buster has been kidnapped. Everyone gets busy looking for clues and putting up posters.

Even four boys and good friends try their hand at being junior crime detectives. Will the boys find anything? Maybe Randy Miller will find something. The cops can’t find any leads. The lost dog posters don’t seem to help much. Does anybody know where Buster went? Will the cops catch the kidnapper? Nobody knows where to look.

Blake Nelson was born in Minnesota. He is the oldest of two children. He grew up in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Blake loved telling campfire stories with his friends, and his friends were always entertained by them. One day the concept for his first novel, The Big Dog Caper, came to mind.

Blake spent some time thinking about that idea, that he loved the story. He just couldn’t keep it to himself. It just had to be written and made into a book. So he started typing. As he went on writing, he found himself loving his story more. Now he hopes you love reading as much as he loves writing.

Book Title The Big Dog Caper
Author Blake Nelson
Date Published January 30, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643458489
  • Paperback: 9781643457185