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Sigh-Lent Letterzby TRAV IS A BLACK MAN


Wye iz it hard for sum one to see the Trooth? Be cause SILENT LETTERS program yue to ignor watt iz right infront of yore face; Like the G and the H from the werd “rite” in the previous sentence. INVISIBLE LETTERS program us to interact with things that are not thare. Like the invisible W in the word “One..”.thingk about it.

Werdz ar non-visible, yet they ar all-so fizikal. That iz wye compliments & Insults literally feel good and bad. EngLISh programs yue to ignore things that make sense, and pay attentions to the things that do not. Ex-sample= We Ignore the word ION and say SHUN insted.

Sae-ying a word incorrectly prevents you frum create-ing wat you want wen yue speek, because words carry a vibrate-ion (an ion that vibrates). Yue shun the IONS wen yue say “Shun” insted of “ION.” Be cause words are verbal thauts. And if yore thauts & dreams be cum reel, the fast-test way to make them

happen, is to speak them into existence. But if U R Knot speak-King pro-per (Lee), Yue WILL “not cree-ate” them. Yue ar not

dreaming yore dreamz, yore dreemz are dreaming you. Now pull out your Fone, type the letters G-O-D on yore dial pad and add up the numbers….4+6+3=13…. Wood yue lyke to Noe Moore?

Book Title Sigh-Lent Letterz
Date Published July 10, 2020
  • Paperback: 9781648951213
  • e-Book: 9781648951220