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Roof Catsby Joel Fortner


This is a children’s book that tells a story of a family that bought a home where the former owners left their twenty-six cats. The cats were wild and lived in the parkway next to the house, and the trees had branches that hung near the roof. The cats jumped from the trees to the house and slept on the roof at night. The new owners took care of the cats, took them to the vets, and captured them one by one. They named them and found them new homes except for two, which they kept as their own.
If your children love this story book, we are certain that they will love the coloring book edition even more! The Roof Cats Coloring Book edition is made available for you and your children to interact and enjoy together!

After four years in the marines, I worked for a noise analysis lab located in Keyport, Washington. From there, I moved to a computer numerical control lab. I moved to California from Washington to complete my education, a masters in technical education. I started teaching computer animation at a community college until I retired as the technical director at a different school. After I retired, I started writing children’s ballads and fiction books.

Book Title Roof Cats
Author Joel Fortner
Date Published September 11, 2018
  • Paperback: 9781643452074