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Retirement Lifestyle: When Your Real Life Beginsby Jani Bin Wahab


The book aims at highlighting the high cost of retirement living in the future. Survey conducted by a local tabloid few years ago warned that to survive three meals a day for next 20 is an alarming RM1.4 million (if you are not sick). If you need medical attention the amount is doubled to RM2.8 million!
The author conducted his own survey to find out how people perceived their retirement future is going to be like. And was disappointed to note that none to ‘even think’ about it let alone planning their retirement. What is alarming is that people do not even know the real meaning of retirement life and what they would be facing in the future.
This book expresses the author’s concern for the ordinary working populations on how they are going to maintain and sustain the high cost of retirement. Many of these people would have stopped work by then and therefore has no real income to depend on and now (they are) amidst the escalating cost to survive. What would happen to them?
The author highlighted the fate of hundreds of old people in aging nation of Japan in order to create awareness (and concern) to those who currently are still working as to alert them to make the necessary adjustment and to plan the future (retirement) accordingly.
The author allocated three chapters in the book to deal with retirement planning. Systematically working with his readers the need to develop retirement account project planning journal, building/developing future retirement estate, creating development budget and focusing and visualizing (living the post retirement) lifestyles.
The author also showed concern over misconception and preconceived misjudgment among younger working population and their non-caring attitude towards the elders (retirees). The author closes the book with few observations and concluding questions with the hope to drive home the point. Also to hit them hard in the bud on the least talked about topics that affect us all.

Book Title Retirement Lifestyle: When Your Real Life Begins
Author Jani Bin Wahab
Date Published September 28, 2018
  • Paperback: 978-1643451763