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Prayer With Godby Veronica O\'Connor


How often do you engage in quality communication with the Lord God? Do you live daily in His presence, seeking His will and direction for your life? Is good communication with Him mandatory for you, since He supplies your needs every hour, every minute? Take a voyage through this book, and see what effect prayer will have on your spiritual life.

Veronica O’Connor was born in Point Hill, Jamaica, on February 2, 1958. She accepted Jesus Christ in her life at the age of twelve. She taught at the Point Hill Basic School for twelve years and then taught for an additional two years at the primary school, after which she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. In Canada she continued to further her education and switched from teaching to enter the health field, where she presently works as a registered practical nurse. Veronica continued to explore her God-given talent, and in 2006 she wrote and published a cookbook, Veronica’s Caribbean Dishes. As her spiritual desire became more intense, she saw the need to write this book, Prayer with God. Because Veronica has had many positive experiences as a result of prayer and through her strong and continued faith in God, she felt the urge to share some of them with others. She hopes that the daily use of and meditation on the contents of this book will be life-changing for readers.

Book Title Prayer With God
Author Veronica O\'Connor
Date Published May 10, 2018
  • e-Book: 9781643450193
  • Paperback: 9781947355620