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Origins of the Lost Poetic Archives from an Unknown Scholar (Memoirs)by B-poet


While venturing alone during his expedition of the Lost Poetic Archives in 2015, B-poet spends days apart from his understudy Jennifer Reigns* and writes a reflective account on his hieroglyphical experiences outside and within the Lost Poetic Archives. B-poet’s interpretations of these symbolic experiences were later written down as his own memoirs in poetic form. Along the way during his 2015 expedition… B-poet hieroglyphically discovers a mysterious truth teller who appears within the Lost Archives as an Ancient Egyptian statue named Oracle Hotep. After becoming angry and awakened from his multi-generational slumber… Oracle Hotep must now choose to either side with B-poet’s curiosity over the identity of our Unknown Scholar or curse his life for eternity after being awoken in an untimely fashion. Will Oracle Hotep be the key in solving the origins identity mystery of our Unknown Scholar? Only B-poet can reveal to Stratton Press the answer to this mystery, and it may only be found within his Lost Poetic Archives Memoirs.

B-poet is a Hieroglyphic archaeologist and aspiring American poet who loves to create memorable poetry for every adoring fan who loves to appreciate the written art of written self-expression. He originates from Indianapolis, Indiana; His passion for poetry and writing remains to be a prime catalyst for his own poetic expertise. His poetry has been showcased internationally as BK in a poetry book titled International Who’s Who of Poetry 2012. His poetry has also been featured as BK in the United States as well by Eber & Wein Publishing which includes these poetry compilation books: American Poet, From A Window: Wistful Thoughts, Best Poets of 2014-2016, and Who’s Who in American Poetry 2016-2017. His hobbies include reading, writing, listening to music and traveling. He can also be followed on twitter at

Book Title Origins of the Lost Poetic Archives from an Unknown Scholar (Memoirs)
Author B-poet
Date Published April 27, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643459455
  • Paperback: 9781643459448