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Nothin' But Try: The Shane Drury Storyby Tall Paul


This compelling biography about the life of Shane Drury will tax every emotion you have. Like the Titanic, the ending is well known, but the story leading up to that point is inspirational, to say the least, and will leave you wishing that you had met this man in person. Shane was a champion both as a rodeo cowboy and a person. His story is one of a hardened physical athlete with a soft heart and beautiful personality. Accented with several images and photographs, this story walks you through Shane’s life from beginning to end. It highlights his many accomplishments, friendships, and struggles. You will feel as if you are there with Shane as you read his story. Shane’s faith was as great as anyone you could ever imagine, and each chapter of this book is captioned with a verse from the Bible as it relates to the contents of the chapter.

Former cowboy, Paul Drury, also known as Tall Paul, wrote this inspiring biography on promise to his son Shane Drury, who was diagnosed with cancer. Tall Paul now lives as a mountain man and author, totally off grid in the mountains of northwest Colorado.

Book Title Nothin' But Try: The Shane Drury Story
Author Tall Paul
Date Published July 15, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456416
  • Paperback: 9781643454610