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Nights Rememberedby Bruce Collier


NIGHTS REMEMBERED is not, as the title suggests, a series of flashbacks, but rather a story with many nights to be remembered. Carl Sanford realizes that it was a mistake to keep his mother’s cheating from his father. If he had told him, his father would be alive, and he would not feel the pain of guilt.

He is sixteen years old and the year is 1955 when conditions at home become intolerable; he has no choice but to leave Fort Myers and live with his uncle in Naples. While there, Jill, his uncle’s daughter, and he, learn to operate his uncle’s charter boat.

While aboard his own charter boat, and working out of a marina in Sarasota, he and his daughter are caught in a violent storm. After the storm, he makes a discovery that will influence the rest of his life.

You will sympathize with Carl while a teenager, respect, him as an adult, love his independent wife, and admire his courageous daughter.

Bruce was born in Fort Myers, Florida, but spent a consider amount of time in the cities mentioned in his story. He now lives in St. James, City, on Pine Island, off the coast of Fort Myers. The story is fiction, but knowing how Bruce cherishes his heritage, it’s easy to understand why he chose to include some of his grandfather’s experiences.

Book Title Nights Remembered
Author Bruce Collier
Date Published September 05, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643457512
  • Paperback: 9781643454764