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New Century, New Era, New Experiencesby Vie Loriot de Rouvray


CHADD and VIE are two angels at work for the higher government of the world on a shamanic journey. CHADD is a Baker Acted, drugged ward of the state and hold the key to Divine wisdom. VIE is a metaphysical and vibratory healer guided to bring the knowledge and the truth to the masses of people. They have the knowledge that can be used to enlighten your world that will help resolve the difference that separate you on earth.

While CHADD is kept on drugs, VIE is helped and guided by entities from other realms and aliens. It’s about an illegal program experiment of mind control initiated by the CIA, how the moon influence life on earth. The UN that thinks to eliminate all borders and genders to create an atheist human field, human race since they realized that Christianity was based on the Essene teaching. The Roman Empire stepped in to eliminate the teachings from the Essene, the human ascension: the transformation of your body into a body of light or the rainbow body.

About the other civilizations that are back here to help the earth, just when CIA and NSA target anyone, anywhere, anytime on earth with mind control technology and program their victims, training the brain to their remote neural monitoring system while blaming the population for global warming that they create.

There is no ascension without spirituality or divine reconnection, and when you awaken and become a serious cocreator, the cabal will have no more power over the world. You will learn about the Antarctica, the CERN, the legend on the creation of Adam and Eve.

Book Title New Century, New Era, New Experiences
Author Vie Loriot de Rouvray
Date Published August 02, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456935
  • Paperback: 9781643454894