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Misfortunes of Innocence: My Journeyby Veronica Garcia


This is an extraordinary true story that begins in Trinidad. Veronica remembers herself being a happy child, but unfortunately, Veronica’s once happy life took a difference turn! She became fearful. Veronica needed to find peace, yet she felt lost, alone, confuse, and sad. Veronica felt a dark hollow follow her, which stole her birthright and gave her a part to hell.

Veronica always wanted to write this book. The long awaited fulfillment of her dream let her see how troubled her life was-she suffered sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. But more importantly, it made her realize that despite all the odds that lay in her path, she was able to prevail and become stronger.

With candor and bravery, Veronica gives voice to the darkness that comes during times of weakness and vulnerability, but she also celebrates those moments of joy and hope that gave light to her world. Veronica’s journey is not without its share of hardship, but in the end, she demonstrates resilience and courage. This story, although deeply personal, is imbued with universal truths that anyone can learn from.

Honest and filled with exquisitely nuanced insights, My Journey is an extraordinary true story of hope and a triumphant testament of the human spirit.

Book Title Misfortunes of Innocence: My Journey
Author Veronica Garcia
Date Published July 06, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781648950858
  • Paperback: 9781643451077