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Make Someone Smile: 30 Ways to Make a Person's Day Betterby Dr. Vicki Ellis Hargrove


Inspirational insights are explored on how to make others have a better day. You discover secrets to being more happy and grateful by helping other people smile. This lighthearted book gives children and adults a lifetime gift for creating a more positive environment for themselves and others. It is said a butterfly can flap its wings in the United States and cause a change in the air that results in a hurricane halfway across the globe. Your acts of kindness and appreciation may inspire others to act likewise; which may in turn inspire additional people, accelerating a ripple effect of ever-spreading kindness. These actions create an amazing impact by making the world happier one person at a time.

Book Title Make Someone Smile: 30 Ways to Make a Person's Day Better
Author Dr. Vicki Ellis Hargrove
Date Published March 04, 2019
  • Paperback: 9781643453224