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Life Stages Of Becoming: The Law of Three and Nine Soul Cyclesby Allen David Young


Life Stages of Becoming describes the nine life stages of everything based on the continuous circular movement of the universe. Examples and diagrams that connect the Law of Three and the circle of enneagram types show and tell how things change. Throughout this book the year is defined by three seasons that consist of three 40-day enneads and nine stages. Natural connections to the spiritual side of human life are offered throughout the book. The trinity seasons and ennead stages are presented as forms of intuition that describe objective and subjective states of change, and how thoughts and ideas become concrete things or forms.

Life Stages of Becoming makes the commonsense connections between three and nine apparent by taking you on the journey through the beginning, middle and completion stages of life. These connections are present and described for every age, life stage and cycle from birth to death. They represent new ways of looking at your place among the fixed enneagram types. The addition of life stages and relationships advances the enneagram system to speak for the transpersonal side of your nature.

Allen David Young was born, raised and educated in Berkeley California from grade school through his degrees along the way in math, business, education, and consciousness studies. After his first ten-year career as a university professor and business school dean, he spent the next six years immersed in the study of Jungian psychology, dream work, clairvoyant development training, astrology and other occult tools. For more than three decades, he has been self-employed as an intuitive counselor with numerous clients throughout the nation, and for the past decade, he has also served as a Science of Mind Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living.

Book Title Life Stages Of Becoming: The Law of Three and Nine Soul Cycles
Author Allen David Young
Date Published September 23, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643455013
  • Paperback: 9781643452890