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Into the Dark Forestby Jeanine Fricke


Olivia Clayton is a work-from-home book editor. Alyssa Walton is a forest ranger in western Montana. The two have been best friends—actually more like sisters—all of their lives. They’ve shared all their life experiences, including birthdays. This year, in the middle of Alyssa’s birthday celebration, she is run down by a black Humvee.

While Alyssa fights for her life, Olivia, crushed by grief, works to figure out who would want to kill her friend and why. She remembers conversations she and Alyssa had before and enlists the help of Detective Sheldon. Together they figure out that Alyssa’s brush with death is the result of a chance meeting in the nearby forest.

As local man Joe Little Hawk comes under suspicion, Olivia fights her growing romantic feelings for Sheldon. Meanwhile, she thwarts an attempt on Alyssa’s life at the hospital and becomes a target herself. A final standoff in the dark forest could mean someone might end up dead.

“Mysteries come in all shapes and sizes. Occasionally, one comes along that sets its sights on how real people might actually react to hardship and adversity when they have no idea what’s going on around them. This is the road taken by Into the Dark Forest, a novel that engagingly employs mystery to tell a story of loss, revival, and the healing power of enduring friendship… If you like a good story well told, with characters that personify the best in us, even in the worst of times, you will want to venture Into the Dark Forest.”

— Review by Jake Bishop, Pacific Book Review

“Alyssa and Olivia are relatable on a level that makes the reader think that each of these women could be anyone’s next door neighbor or dear childhood friend…. Falling clearly in the cozy mystery genre, this engaging novel is set in Montana. It is romantic, light-hearted, and paced well. This story will appeal to those who want a light and fast read that will keep them guessing.”

— Review by Maria A. Hughes, The US Review of Books: Professional Book Reviews

Book Title Into the Dark Forest
Author Jeanine Fricke
Date Published January 24, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643458991
  • Paperback: 9781643456782